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5 Major Tips to Ace IT Job Interviews

5 Major Tips to Ace IT Job Interviews

05 September

You are excited to apply for jobs via Job search websites for the first time, but when you sit for the face-to-face interview, it can scare the hell out of you. Let’s admit it; we have all faced such situations in interviews. What seems easier at first, may seem hard when faced. When you enter the office campus, you are filled with high hopes to get this job and confidence, but go out with a few couple of shocks as well.

The ball can even now be in your court in the interview procedure, with proper preparation, you should feel more settled, more in charge and prepared to take that first step into a professional world. Read on to discover how you can nail your job interviews and take home your first offer letter:

Homework is necessary:

Not the school homework! Before you go for an interview, you must know the company background and the details. It is essential because the recruiters gauge your interest by asking you questions related to the company and what it does. So, for first timers, it can be a tough task to know what information should they look for. Here is a checklist:

  • Know the mission of the company (Need not memorize it, understand it)
  • Get information about the stakeholders of the company
  • Check its latest news and see events
  • The products or services the company offers to its customers
  • The culture of the company

Know your Job Role:

This is not a blind date, so with all senses read that job description. It is necessary to know for what position you are applying. Make use of a website like a Glassdoor to know more about it. Key things to check are:

  • Know whom will you report to
  • Ensure you check the skills and experience required
  • The tasks and responsibilities involved with your role
  • Salary structure and other benefits with work hours

Answer and Ask:

According to WayUp survey of 2017, 40.95% of students are scared of the question – Why should we hire you? You are not alone in this fight. However, don’t worry, here’s what you can be prepared for:

  • Why would you prefer working here?
  • Tell me about your opportunities/weaknesses, and how do you overcome it?
  • One accomplishment that you are proud of?

Also, don’t shy away from asking recruiters questions related to the job role, or company structure. After all, you are going to work there.

Neat and Tidy look:

The first thing the interviewer will notice is your attire. Moreover, as we say, the first impression is the last impression, so be careful with what you choose to wear during an interview. Clothes matter in interviews, and you need to be dressed for the occasion. Do NOT experiment with clothes that day. Here are some tips:

  • Avoid wearing loud colours or patterns. Clothes can be a distraction if it’s too loud.
  • Be comfortable and with proper fitting
  • Wear neatly ironed clothes without any wrinkles
  • Personal grooming is necessary – good haircut helps and trim beards.
  • Minimal Accessories and keep it simple.

Practise makes your interview perfect:

It is a good habit to make up answers to common questions you would encounter. Perform a mock interview session with a relative or a friend, record it with the help of a webcam, or enact it in front of a mirror to ace it.

  • Experience each progression of the interview.
  • Experiment with your answers
  • Take feedback if you do it with a person

Also, don’t forget to be punctual and be polite. Using these tips can help you prepare yourself for your first interview and enable you to get your foot in the door. Keep in mind, your first interview is a soul-changing experience and the more interviews you attend, the more comfortable you become.

Using the same procedures, Atlas Academy also trains students and IT professionals for their interviews, polishes the resumes, mock interviews get you a clearer view too! So, join us to prepare yourself for that dream job you always aspired to get.

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