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5 Takeaways from the ‘Freshers to Professional’ Workshop

5 Takeaways from the ‘Freshers to Professional’ Workshop

03 July

Atlas Academy, working under the aegis of Atlas Softweb, is an IT training company which focuses on providing training to IT graduates and professionals. The academy strongly believes in educating IT students, freshers and professionals on technologies that have demand in the industry.

With that belief, the Academy organized a workshop ‘Freshers to Professionals’ at Ahmedabad Medical Association on 23rd June 2018. The workshop’s focus was to help fresh IT graduates and professionals understand where the world is steadily moving, the latest trends of the technical world, and what skills they require to conquer their dream job! It was mainly divided into 3 sessions, the first two were based on knowing the basics of Digital marketing and E-commerce platform, whereas the third session covered the important aspects of a professional’s life. The attendees enjoyed the sessions and learned new things before they plunge into the corporate world through activities and games. Let’s check out the 5 major takeaways from this workshop.

Skills sets for Professionals:

While we are in college, we live in a delicate bubble of positivity. When this bubble blasts, we fall carelessly and see the number of roads yet to be discovered, opportunities and the unperformed activities that will shape our lives. Mr. Royson Rajan, the Director and co-founder of Atlas Softweb, in an introductory session of the workshop spoke about 5 skills that a fresher should possess in order to successfully nail the job they want. A fresher should consider developing these 5 skills for a better career – Analytical skills, Technical skills, Domain knowledge, Communication Skills and how to learn.

No Code Digital Marketing:

Quite often students do not want to pursue a career in IT because it is all about coding day-in and day-out. But, let us break the ice for you, IT is a vast field and a part of it is Digital marketing. Ms. Vishakha Dubey, an SEO Expert, took up the stage to explain more about Digital Marketing strategies. She talked about the most used tactics like Search Engine Optimization and importance of Google Algorithm updates. Social Media Marketing that is now widely used by various businesses online was an interesting topic wherein the attendees got to know about the use of hashtags on various social media platforms. Pay per click is another strategy of Digital marketing that gets you the ROI speedily.

Easy E-commerce with Magento:

With E-commerce emerging as the new platform to search, check and buy things, it has become very important for any developer to enhance their skill sets. Magento is an e-commerce platform which helps a developer to build responsive e-commerce websites. Elvin Mclean, the Chief Web Officer of Atlas Softweb, showed the working of the Magento platform and how easy it can be to master this application. You can design any website by choosing from 500+ templates. People learnt that this framework is available in 2 versions, and generally, for any small and medium business, the free version serves its purpose.

Communication is the Oxygen:

You’ve got the skills, but without communication, you cannot market yourself. Developing your communication skills would help in all aspects of your life, be it professional life to social gatherings and everything in between. We had a guest speaker, Ms. Mou Dasgupta, who talked about cultivating the practice of communicating effectively through various mediums – Verbal, non-verbal and written. Also, ensuring that the tone of voice should have the right pitch, volume, emphasis, expressions, and enthusiasm. She divided the attendees into 3 groups and did a role play activity in order to understand how communication can be an integral part of any organization. She also talked about pushing yourself towards change because that will only lead you to development.

The Scope of Digital Marketing & E-commerce:

Digital Marketing and e-commerce industry are thriving not simply in India but in all parts of the world. The year 2016 overwhelmed the industry with more than 1.5 lakh openings for work in the Digital Marketing area. Indeed, the following was a greater shock when just the principal quarter of 2017 marked 8 lakh openings.

One of the major takeaways from the workshop was to understand how it can help you get the right job you are looking for & making that right decision to learn and master it.

Stay tuned and connected with us as we will soon be coming up with more such workshops to develop and enhance the skills of professionals and students.

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