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WordPress Training

WordPress is one of the most popular CMS these days. It is popular for its feasibility, easy to use and user-friendly interface. Initially it was just a Blogging platform, but today it has grown into a full-fledged Content management system, powering approximately 22.5% off all websites on the internet.
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Web Design Training

When it comes to websites, the design can either engage or annoy a visitor. The importance a good website design is huge as a website is first judged by its look and then comes the functionality part. Web designing is a process of conceptualizing, planning, and execution. A designer
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QA Training

Quality assures that a desired level of quality in development and delivery of products and services is met. It enhances the process of delivering quality services to the end customer. When it comes to customer satisfaction, companies all across the globe are interested in investing highly in quality assurance.
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Magento Training

Magento is the most preferred platform when it comes to developing an e-commerce website. With more and more businesses taking the online route, the demand for skillful ecommerce developers is on the rise. The market demands developers who can make the most of this robust technology, innovate and deliver
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SEO Training

According to an estimate, more than 80% of the web users search for content, products and services on search engines. The internet has millions of websites and every day, new websites are being added. Hence, in this fierce competition, having an effective SEO strategy is not just important but
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Joomla Training

Joomla is an award-winning Content management system and is very famous for its security and scalability. It is widely used by business owners, developers and website owners as it is versatile, user-friendly and supported by an international volunteer community. Our Joomla trainers have immense experience working with Joomla and
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Drupal Training

Drupal is a powerful CMS and one of the most favorite CMS that large corporations choose for their enterprise solutions. It is regarded as one of the best website frameworks and its adoption is proliferating across the globe. Drupal has a thriving developer’s community and there is an all-time
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Android Developer Training

There is an increasing demand for Android Developers in the market. Top companies and many budding startups and medium scale companies are looking for developers with updated and result-oriented technical skills. Our Android Development Training Course is designed to quip students with the necessary skills and knowledge required for
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