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An interactive workshop conducted by Atlas Academy at Nirma University

An interactive workshop conducted by Atlas Academy at Nirma University

Atlas Academy workshop Nirma-University 27 November

Atlas Academy is an IT training academy under the flagship of Atlas Softweb. Atlas Academy identifies market and industry expectations and promotes institutional preparation for meeting such expectations through seminars, workshops and training.

A pre-conference workshop on “A Guide to Becoming a Full-Stack Developer in 2017-18” was conducted by Atlas Academy at the Institute of Technology, Nirma University on 22nd November’17. Full-Stack development is the person who is able to work on both the front and back-end of applications. Although Full-Stack development is a wide concept, the one-day workshop touched upon all the important facets of Full-Stack development, latest technologies and important skills required to be well-versed Full-Stack Developer.

The workshop was divided into three sessions covering different areas. Session one was conducted by Mr. Chirag Modi (Project Manager, Atlas Softweb) and Mr. Elvin Mclean (Chief Web Officer, Atlas Softweb). Mr. Chirag Modi talked about HTML/CSS (mainly focusing on Bootstrap), while Mr. Elvin Mclean’s discussion tilted towards JavaScript with a focus on JQuery. The second session, conducted by Mr. Prashant Patel (Chief Technical Officer, Atlas Softweb) had more to do with Backend language (PHP) and Databases (optimization techniques). Session three conducted by Mr. Ishan Contractor (Vice President, Atlas Softweb) appertained to the Git version control system.

The workshop was an interactive event wherein both the experts and students participated in a conjoint give and take of ideas and knowledge. At the end of the workshop, a quiz was conducted in which consisted questions pertaining to what all was discussed during the workshop. The winner of the quiz was felicitated with a prize by Mr. Ishan Contractor. The desire to learn, curiousness and enthusiasm on part of the students was remarkable, which resulted in a thought-provoking Q/A session.

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