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Backend talks in PHP!

Backend talks in PHP!

25 July

Hypertext Preprocessor – popularly known as PHP, is a well-known platform for backend scripting used by developers. Many entrepreneurs use this platform to gain the online visibility of their business. In the current time, 82% of the website developers use PHP as the server-side development language. Big shots like Facebook, WordPress, TwitPic, Imgur, and Flickr are built on this versatile platform. Quality of PHP codes has a significant variance due to its long history and for the fact that it is one of the oldest one. PHP has guidelines that are available from the developer community; it doesn’t have rules like other compiled languages or any strict standards. There are some great reasons as to why developers prefer PHP over any other language for web development:

Effortless learning:

PHP scripting language is one of the easiest languages for building effective and responsive websites. It enables designers and developers to grasp on web development. PHP is fundamentally the same as C and Java, so if you know a little bit of C and Java, PHP scripting language is easy!


You can discover full help at whatever point you stall out with any issue or mistake while writing in PHP scripting language. You can without much of a stretch inquire how to learn PHP because it is the most broadly utilized language all around the globe. You can without much of a time discover documentation online on PHP since it is open source and free. For this fact, PHP is the best programming language for Web development.

No Cost and Open Source PHP:

Oh yes, who doesn’t like free things? This feature of PHP makes it a super favourite for any company and developer! With languages like JPS, ASP, and many other scripting languages, they have paid hosting services. However, with PHP, you need not buy any licenses, and notably, there are no restrictions or any fees involved. It is a 100% free language, and any developer can use it to develop responsive web pages.

Scalable Language:

As noted before, PHP is right now being utilized by a high traffic website. It is used likewise by engineers over the world for building up a wide assortment of sites and web applications. The developers have a choice to make small and basic sites by installing PHP code into HTML. In the meantime, they can save much time by using resources and tools integrated into the PHP frameworks to maintain large and complex web development activities. They can even utilize the framework to use PHP for the development of desktop Graphic User Interface application.

Object-Oriented Language:

Regardless of how long it runs, OOP has various advantages like code reuse and recycling, encapsulation of codes and software maintenance. Custom classes can be created using PHP codes, and these classes can be borrowed which gives PHP language an edge over other languages.

Many developers and businesses now use PHP because it lets you implement creativity to get the business to a new level. Many such benefits of using PHP language is proven to have gained much fame in the IT industry. Now that you know why it is a preferred language to write codes for backend and knowing that it is one of the easiest coding languages, become an expert in a short time with PHP training at Atlas Academy.

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