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Digital marketing: Investment for the right keywords

Digital marketing: Investment for the right keywords

20 June

When it comes to marketing over the Internet, the main motto of any marketer is to bring a majority of traffic and leads generation. Audience nowadays is more likely to land to your page via search engines. To help achieve the motto, we learnt about Search engine optimization and social media optimization in our previous blogs. These methods are without any investment. Basically, the techies call this Organic search. It depends on unpaid, normal rankings controlled via web crawler algorithms, and can be upgraded with different SEO practices.

You can also pay to increase for the traffic to your website or online promotions. Pay-per-click (PPC) makes this possible for you. Today, let’s check out what is Pay-per-click and its advantages, and what should you choose for your business.

“A man who stops advertising to save money is like a man who stops a clock to save time. “

Advertisement plays a big role in marketing and it takes a huge amount of money to bring in quality leads. When it comes to doing it via Internet, Pay-per-click is at your rescue. It helps you display ads in the sponsored results section of each search engine’s results page. You pay the fees based on the number of clicks received on the ads.

These ads are displayed right above the organic search results or Search Engine Results Page (SERP). You can say, it is purchasing visits to your website. So, as the name suggests, you would be charged for the clicks on your ads regardless of how many times the ads were shown. It is also called Keyword Advertising. The basic formula is −
Pay-per-click cost ($) = Advertising cost ($) ÷ Ads clicked (#)

Search engines like Google and Bing make pay-per-click advertising available on an auction basis. The bidders have to make the highest bid on the keywords that will lead to their ads and the highest bidder gets ranked 1st. Now, the question is, why choose PPC?

You are number 01:
By investing a few bucks, you are listed first when the search query is submitted. Isn’t it a great feeling already?

Short-Cut to branding:
Having your ads seen by the correct public, brands your products. Good branding increases the value of the business. It makes it easier to acquire new customers.

It is Intelligent:
Due to privacy, the organic search hides the keywords. But, there is no such thing with Paid searches. It has a strong integration with analytic software like Google Analytics and you can track conversions, which makes it easier for the marketer to check which keywords convert at what percentage and cost.

It is important to determine which digital marketing tactic could benefit your business and drive the traffic. Using all the 3 tactics together can help you get the best ROI! Social Media Optimization helps you with quality traffic apart from search engines. However, which type of search will give you major return is what you have to determine wisely!

Basically, you have to utilize both PPC and SEO as a major aspect of your Marketing efforts. PPC can bring you quicker outcomes so you can run a PPC campaign and test which keywords convert and after that attempt with SEO to rank for those keywords.

Apply PPC when you have an item with high conversion and apply SEO when you have a limited budget for marketing.

Conclusion: Pay-per-click is a revenue-generating feature of Digital marketing if used smartly!

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