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Is Digital Marketing a Right Career For You?

Is Digital Marketing a Right Career For You?

26 October

The digital realm of marketing is an attractive field for it caters to the one most trending thing/place today, which is the internet. Likewise, digital marketing as an industry has been growing leaps and bounds since its inception. Hence, it’s not wrong to say that a career as a digital marketeer is the most fruitful today.

The industry is also very diverse with its branches spread out too many subparts; PPC marketing, content marketing, and growth hacking to name a few.

What is the future of Digital Marketing?

Internet is not going anywhere! It is only going to develop and evolve in the future. As digital marketing is primarily depended on the internet, you can be rest assured that its future is secured. Digital marketing has opened doors to affordable and useful marketing channels which today’s businesses love. Businesses not just get access to a wide audience base but also reach the most relevant one, a feature that traditional marketing often fails to provide. Also, one can easily track, measure and analysis results. These are at any day better than conventional methods of print ads and radio ads for they help in introspecting the efforts made and planning future marketing strategies.

Since the world today is digital, a business will only lose highly if it continues to work traditionally. Hence, from writing ads for the web, to measuring results and running campaigns, digital marketing has opened up a plethora of jobs for our generation that is up for the grabs. Gets a hands-on digital marketing training and you will soar high!

Digital Marketing as a career option for you

According to a research by Forrester Research, digital marketing will at least contribute to 35% of overall marketing spend by the end of 2019.

The demand for digital marketing skills in job posting raised twice within the period of five years (2011-2016).

Getting a certification in digital marketing will give you the skills that the market demands and also help you take an informed decision about the specialisation you will like to pursue – SEO, web analytics or content. Individuals looking for a change in career can focus on any one specific skill to be job ready upon the completion of the course.

The job prospects are as wide and diverse as the industry itself. You can be a part of an in-house marketing team of a business or find employment in a digital marketing agency. Either way, digital marketing as a career option will definitely be fruitful for your professional life.

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