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Future of Ecommerce – Know it the right way

Future of Ecommerce – Know it the right way

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Amazon will turn 25 next years. Amazon has been the longest playing player, but experts claim that both ecommerce and Amazon are still in their infancy. Giving us hints about the huge playing field that exists in the future of ecommerce.

To give you some quick points:

  • Ecommerce still covers only 11.9% of retail sales.
  • International commerce is yet to be tapped.
  • The world is yet to see more of AI and other tech for improved personalisation and buying experience.

The future of ecommerce will also have increased talent demand – Demand for skilled professionals, creative individuals who can harness the power of ecommerce and take it to new heights! As IT developers how can you be a part of this growing industry?

Our session will include conversations on many such insights into the future of ecommerce.

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