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How live project training helps you in landing a good job?

How live project training helps you in landing a good job?

Atlas_Academy_1 01 November

Theory is the basis of any subject. It helps to understand the subject matter and is an important prerequisite for developing a strong knowledge base. But, while having good theoretical knowledge is important, practical training is more interactive and helps in better learning and understanding. Through practical learning, theoretical knowledge can be put to test and hence, learning in its real sense takes place.
For IT graduates, IT training is very important as it is the prime requirement for landing a good job. The IT industry is marked with competition and robustness; hence organizations are also constantly on the lookout for professionals with the same traits. Organizations focus more on practical skills than theory or grades, because good practical skills ensure quality of work in an atmosphere of competition and confusion. Considering its importance, IT colleges have started including Live Project Training as a compulsory aspect in their curriculum.
Live training is the phase when students get to implement their theoretical knowledge. The aim of colleges is to ensure students get real hands-on experience of working on a project and get an idea of how a software development company works. This is the significance of live training. Students get an idea of how to methodically implement their theory and produce quality output on time whilst maintaining the right design quality or design standard.
Live training gives students an opportunity to showcase their skills. When they seek employment in the market, the project done by them can be their highlighting feature. In order to land a good job, students must prepare themselves to crack even the toughest of tests and interviews. And when students get hands-on, experiential learning while working on their Live Projects, their practical skills get polished, hence, preparing them for achieving gainful employment in good companies.
Atlas Academy provides Live Project Training to skilled individuals on emerging and popular technologies like Magento, Drupal, SEO, Joomla, web designing and more. Along with the comprehensive training in these technologies, the live project ensures that a student is perfectly prepared to launch his or her career as an IT professional. The students will get an idea of how to design or develop an application according to customer needs while ensuring that only the best quality is delivered in the given time frame. We help students get exposure of the entire cycle of software development.

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