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Keep in mind these 3 points while negotiating for a higher Salary Package!

Keep in mind these 3 points while negotiating for a higher Salary Package!

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Salary negotiation is important and crucial for a person’s earning potential. A lower salary not just limits your earning potential in the short term but also hurts your long term earning potential as raises and subsequent salary offers tend to be based on previous salary. Thus, negotiation is important for an employee. But, does that mean you should negotiate every salary offer?

Most experts are of the view that there is always some wiggle room in the offer that the employer offers. Other than that, you must never accept anything less than the industry standard or something that doesn’t suffice to the job responsibilities.

When negotiating a salary offer, keep these tips in mind.

Understand your salary trajectory

Typically, a jog change to a higher designation or in many cases to the same designation, should represent an upward trajectory. This is true for those who have work experience because a fresh graduate who is just beginning his career will not have much wiggle room.

The two questions to ask yourself – What is your current salary and what is your current designation? These two components will be used as anchors to limit future job offer. A raise with the same designation or a higher designation with the same salary, are some of the ways through which employers try to limit your trajectory. That is why it is critical that you start your career in the industry at the highest possible job title and salary and go only upward.

Ask for more only if your have leverage

In any negotiation contract, usually employers are the one with leverage as they have more options to choose from. Hence, they are less likely to agree to your asking salary. This can be avoided by creating more options for yourself. That is going after multiple jobs at multiple companies. If you ask for a higher salary than what the employer is offering and if that goes beyond the wiggle room, it is most likely that the employer will say no. This is unwise when you do not have another job offer in had which you can use as leverage. But if you have multiple options and the company is aware of that, your negotiating power will be stronger. However, the goal here is not to brag but to put yourself in a position of psychological power.

Let the recruiter make the first offer

There are two benefits of this. First, many companies give strict instructions to their recruiters to not consider people who ask for more than the company’s initial offer. So, waiting for the recruiter to make the offer saves you from being excluded.
Secondly, once the offer is made, you get an idea about how much you can negotiate. Also, there is also a possibility that your asking offer may be less than the company’s offer. Once this happens, negotiation doesn’t enter the picture.

At the end, your salary and job title depends on your skills and qualifications. To ensure an upward and consistent career growth, you should strive to better your skills and keep pace with industry demands. Atlas Academy offers IT professional courses in Ahmedabad such as SEO, digital marketing, Magento, WordPress and other technologies that are ruling the IT market. Improve your earning potential by getting trained by experts and getting certified in an attractive technology.

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