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Make Yourself Job Ready Before Completing Computer Engineering With Market Oriented Courses

Make Yourself Job Ready Before Completing Computer Engineering With Market Oriented Courses

28 November

To secure a successful and enriching career as a computer engineer, preparation must start from your college days itself. College is the time when you can introspect, choose your area of specialisation and then begin working hard with a focused and pragmatic approach. Necessarily, practical learning and understanding becomes more crucial than just theoretical learning. Hence, by the time you have graduated, you would have the acumen and the maturity to establish yourself as a capable computer engineer who not only has in-depth knowledge in academics but also a well developed technical skill set.

Taking technical training from a professional institute hence, becomes important in order to seamlessly compliment your theoretical understanding gained through the college curriculum.

Below are some trending IT courses that will boost your career growth and job prospects.

WordPress Development

Content management systems today do a lot more than just deliver content. E-commerce, blogs, business websites, or job directories,; CM systems like WordPress is the first choice of majority of business owners and web developers for creating any kind of website. A professional course in WordPress will polish your skills of HTML,CSS and JAVA scripting, required to build a successful career as a WP developer.

PHP Training

PHP is at the core of web development. Professional training in PHP will give you a detailed idea about designing, development, production and assessment of web applications and strategies. Such a course will make you ready for a career as a web developer, skilled in designing and building websites.

Web Designing

What makes a website stand out among a plethora of websites present on the web? It is the design. Creative, unique design which is user friendly and seamless is what makes a websites successful. To be successful in creating such successful websites, creativity and innovation is a must, but to give shape to creativity in the form of website design; excellent theoretical and practical knowledge is required which can be gained through professional training

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is a crucial component of every successful business, whether on the web of outside. Companies require digital marketing professionals who can boost their online presence and cut through the competition. A course in SEO or Digital marketing, will not only sharpen your computer skills but also teach you skills and techniques the are deemed successful in improving a website’s search engine presence.

Atlas Academy is a one-of-a-kind IT training institute that provides professional training is al the above mentioned areas and more. Courses are meticulously developed by industry experts to help students achieve holistic development through a combination of theory, practical learning and Live project training.

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