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Why choose Magento For E-Commerce Platform?

Why choose Magento For E-Commerce Platform?

08 June

Magento E-commerce Platform Features and Advantages

E-commerce has been an integral part of the Business in the last decade. It began from late 1960s when the electronics were introduced. E-commerce not only means doing business over the Internet, but also marketing through various electronic channels like Televisions, Radio, Mobile phones and via E-mails.

Before we start, how about we recognize that in the midst of the competitive market, just the correct mix of the plan of action and e-commerce platform, will survive in light of the fact that you are starting with internet business depends on a great deal of the kind of innovation you are outfitted with.

To build an E-commerce website, you need to start with the right platform. Many platforms such as Shopify, Magento, YoKart, BigCommerce, VTEX, WooCommerce, TicTail etc. are used for building an E-commerce website. However, the popular and the most efficient open source platform for online shopping sites is Magento. Magento is packed with features and you will have control over the design and decide the functionality of the site. Read further to know how Magento platform is the next thing in the e-commerce market:

  • Magento Dashboard:You can view the activities and performance at a glance on the default home-page. It provides you a gist of the sales, number of orders, to know what items were searched the most and to check what your customers have viewed. It will have the details of the last 5 orders, last 5 searched terms, top 5 searched terms, lifetime sales, average orders and bestsellers. It is a great application to know some things quickly without digging into the menus.
  • Customers:The Customers tab can give you instantly the details of top five customers with the highest total order amount. You can see their name, number of orders, average order amount, and total order amount. You would have the ability to view the list of the customers who have recently registered on the website. You can see their name, number of orders, average order amount, and total order amount. Click on any line and will take you to the customer’s page where you can see detailed information about the customer’s account.
  • Promotions & Newsletters:It is important that your customers keep coming back to the website. Magento makes it look like a cake walk for you! Yes, you can send out a coupon for the best customers for a particular product, offer free shipping for orders placed above certain amount and schedule the promotions for a particular time interval. To make it more efficient, spread the news for your upcoming offers via newsletters and keep the customers gripped to your site!
  • Content Management System:With Magento, you can manage your content for the website. Content is very important for any website since it helps you with branding, deliver your vision and convey your message. Make use of CMS tools like pages, static blocks, widgets and polls. It is an easy process since it allows you to do much of the work without any coding! Interesting, right?
  • Report Generation:Of course, you need to know how the website is working and behavior of the customers coming on your website to shop or search. Magento has in-built analytic tool called the smart reports. This gives online stores the ability to take the most out of the information they possess. They can see how their products are performing in real-time and get valuable insights into customers’ behavior.

After knowing the features and advantages, Magento indeed, is the best e-commerce platform!

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