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How do I progress my IT career after a break?

How do I progress my IT career after a break?

15 October

Higher education, health reasons, family or self-improvement; there could be several reasons as to why an IT professional might take a break in his or her career. Whatever the reason, the fact that returning to work after a career break is overwhelming, remains constant.

We live in an era where technological change is rapid and fast paced and adaptation of this cutting-edge technology that arrives on a regular basis, has become a necessity rather than a requirement. Naturally, tech companies are always on the lookout for professionals who are well versed with these technologies and are also adept in mastering new ones quickly.

In such a scenario, returning to work after a gap can be a daunting task since you might lack the latest skills that are demanded by the industry. No amount of networking or references can then help you land your dream job and progress your IT career further. To avoid this unfortunate situation, you must start off by first getting informed about the technologies that are in vogue in the IT Industry. Familiarize with them, introspect in what you know and what you lack. More often, the same technologies are refurbished and revised to better suit the growing demands of the market. When this the case, you might just be required to improve upon your existing expertise rather learning an entirely new technology. In other cases, you might be required to learn an entirely new technology which is trending in the industry.

In either case, you need hands-on professional training in the technologies you wish to pursue. Atlas Academy offers live project training and placement assistance to help you get back on your feet after a career break.

Benefits of professional training at Atlas Academy

  • Industry relevant curriculum which makes you market ready.
  • Combination of theoretical and practical learning.
  • Opportunity to work on live projects and experience of working in a thriving IT firm.
  • Soft skills training that help you develop both professionally and personally.
  • Placement assistance.

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