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Quality Assurance (QA) – Certified Training with Job Assistance

Quality Assurance (QA) – Certified Training with Job Assistance

Certified Training with Job Assistance 19 March

Quality Analyst/Tester is a process of verifying and checking that a software/website meets the specified conditions and produces desirable benefits. Because of this, you identify bugs in applications product/project.

Testing is crucial to provide an excellent product with no issues or bugs.

A primary responsibility of a QA:

A QA engineer’s job would be to avoid bad applications from getting seen with clients. How clients interact with applications determines their partnership with every product that is currently sold. Which means QA engineers will need to find every possible means to crack apps, after which report is created where the missed things are highlighted and sent to the developer to be corrected. Without QA engineers, you will have messy work-flows and broken procedures. The technology-driven world we are living in now, technical organizations who are looking to stay in business can’t afford the lack of QA engineers.

A QA person would mainly perform the following responsibilities:

• Recognize any weaknesses in the process or software.

• Fix those weak points to improve the procedure.

Why choose QA as a career path?

Individuals that think that a testing profession is not fulfilling, and fun most likely aren’t programming analyzers. Truth be told, most analyzers truly love their occupation, and wouldn’t surrender it for any activity on the planet.
While thinking about which IT field to take for your vocation next, here are a couple of reasons you should consider seeking QA as a profession.

1. Learning never stops – You play with different applications to do your thing.
2. QA is in demand and will be in need until the end of the world!
3. QA is wide – Choose to be a manual tester, automated tester, performance testing, etc.
4. It’s fun – Wouldn’t you love to point out mistakes done by developers?
5. Requires special skills – The QA person needs to have sound knowledge of UX/UI, development cycle & patterns, communication, and analytical skills.
6. Everybody needs a QA – Be it hospitals, railways, bank or IT companies. Everybody requires a person to test the quality.
7. Ensures a good pay – Isn’t that the ultimate goal too?

When can you choose QA?

If you are bored with IT development or feel that coding isn’t that exciting for you now, QA is an excellent choice as a career change. Coding skills can be an added benefit to this profile since you would be well aware of the Software development life cycle.

Also, if you are an IT student graduating soon, or an IT fresher looking for a job, choose QA.

At Atlas Academy, be it a professional wanting to add more to their skill sets, or a fresher looking for certifications, we train them with the help of industry experts to create a better career opportunity.

Here are some reasons as to why choose Atlas Academy for QA training:

• Get trained by industry experts.
• Students become proficient in analyzing product performance.
• A practical learning experience with live projects and examples.
• Information-packed practical training starting from basic to advanced testing techniques.
• Get access to the best facilities and unhindered QA training.
• Get trained to crack some globally recognized QA certification programs.

Also, brownie points,

Candidates receive Atlas Academy course completion certificate upon successful completion of course.

Power yourself with the best. So, don’t wait and enroll yourself today for the best QA training course in Ahmedabad at Atlas Academy!

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