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Why recruiters shy away from hiring freshers in corporate companies

Why recruiters shy away from hiring freshers in corporate companies

13 November

When it comes to filling up open positions, recruiters are often sceptical in hiring freshers. Not hiring freshers for a senior role is justifiable, but recruiters also often shy away from hiring freshers from entry-level positions. From a recruiter’s point of view, there are several reasons for doing so. Let’s look at the most common reasons given by recruiters.

According to a survey by Wisdomjobs.com, an end-to-end career solutions portal, freshers lack the requisite experience and exposure when it comes to creating an impactful resume. Consequently, recruiters have to come across several inaccurate and incomplete resumes while hiring freshers.

Skill gap is the single biggest cause of not hiring freshers in an engineering or IT related position. According to the survey, 57% of recruiters felt that the engineering freshers did not have the necessary technical skills required by the company.

As Freshers enter their workplaces directly from their academic institutions, they lack the attitude and responsibility of working in a corporate environment. From lack of awareness regarding workplace etiquettes and lack of exposure to a collaborative environment to inability to meet deadlines, there are several reasons why freshers are unable to provide upto the mark performance in their workplaces.

Communication skills is another deciding factor. Recruiters find that freshers lack professional communication skills. In engineering related positions, though technical skills is of primary importance, communication skills to back the expertise is equally important to thrive in a corporate environment.

Freshers have to make some efforts in bridging the gap between what the industry requires and what they have to offer. Academic institutions, no matter how efficient, often fail to develop a student holistically. At the same time, freshers should put in their efforts to polish their skills, and learn the skills they lack in order to gain a fruitful employment opportunity.

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