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Tips to build a resume with no experience

Tips to build a resume with no experience

17 September

Starting your career after graduation is an exciting phase. Yet it can become frustrating in the long run when the freshers are not able to crack the interviews. Fortunately, the skills which employers value the most are not just increased through the world of work. The secret to composing a resume with no experience is finding creative ways indicating that you have the transferable abilities expected to make you a phenomenal hire.

A constant confusion is you need a job, but you need the experience to get a job. Moreover, to gain experience, you need a job! The infinity loop of confusion goes on and on. Here’s how you can break this loop by building an effective resume with no experience:

Powerful Summary Statement:

This will be the very first thing that any recruiter will see. It tells them about who you are professionally. Your first impression will be built through this statement in the mind of the employer, and let us quote the most cliched statement “The first impression is the last impression”. Keep this short and simple, which highlights your attitude and willingness to do the job. It shouldn’t be long, keep it within 150 characters.

Choose the right Resume Format:

The most used resume styles are chronological, functional, and hybrid. A chronological resume type lists your most recent job first and is followed by your past designations in reverse chronological order. A functional resume’s primary aim is to feature the candidate’s skills and achievements, and work experience is secondary. The hybrid resume is a combination of chronological and functional resume. For freshers, a functional resume is the best fit. You can choose any format, but ensure that your content is consistent.

Can’t afford any Typos:

When you edit the resume, ensure there is no punctuation, grammatical, spelling, or other errors that will influence your resume to look amateurish. After compiling, have a companion, or a relative read it to catch any mistakes which you might have missed. Additionally, utilise action verbs through your resume to keep the recruiter engaged.

Relatable Achievements and Skills:

Just because you do not have job experience, it doesn’t mean that you do not have relevant skills or achievements. Make a list of accomplishments that could help you crack that job interview, but ensure that it is an extraordinary achievement. Winning a lemon-spoon race in school won’t help you get an IT job.

Extra-curricular activities or Volunteer work:

At fresher level, you may not have much to say on your resume. Including extra-curricular activity and any volunteer work can give you an edge over other candidates. Any volunteer activity that relates to the job profile can be included on your resume. It also tells the employer that you believe in doing good for the society.

Internships & training help:

The internship experience will give you the priority over other candidates who do not have one. These are one of the best weapons you can show on your resume. Also, if you have taken up any pieces of training and certifications, do not forget to mention it as that would display a good image of you.

DO NOT include list:

While there are things that are needed on a resume, there are also some things that should be avoided too. Here’s a checklist:

  • Use professional E-mail IDs. For example, use Atlasacademy@gmail.com rather than Beauty.queen@gmail.com. This may seem fine to you as a fresher, but it makes an impression on the employer.
  • No need to include references.
  • Writing samples until and unless employer asks you to share.
  • Photos of yourself

There is no secret recipe or any magic wand to make a perfect resume, but with these tips and tricks, you will undoubtedly form a competent and professional looking resume without any experience.

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