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You Will Thank Us – Tips About Digital Marketing and E-commerce Events You Need to Know

You Will Thank Us – Tips About Digital Marketing and E-commerce Events You Need to Know

20 June

Atlas Academy is organizing an event on Digital Marketing and E-commerce on 23rd June 2018. The focus of the Academy is to enhance the skills of IT students, fresh IT graduates, and new IT professionals. The event is based on the latest trends of Digital and E-commerce marketing that is booming day-after-day. It also is focused to develop the freshers on various aspects like journey from a Receiver to a Provider, facing challenges, and gaining the most out of your colleagues at work.

With most of the businesses running online, the digital marketing needs are increasing and so are the jobs for digital marketers. The trends of Internet users have been an upward graph ever since the evolution of World wide web. India has seen a 20 times growth in search queries in the last 5 years. Majority of shoppers prefer shopping online for reasons such as saving time and avoiding the crowd. E-commerce has become a major recruiter of digital marketing professionals. And with the onset of digital giants like Flipkart and Amazon, digital marketing is the need of the hour!

Check out the topics specially tailored by our experts to give you an insight of freshers to professionals’ events.

Digital Marketing:

Digital Marketing is an exceptionally broad term that comprises numerous important areas for experts to ace and is additionally a quickly developing industry for business. Here are some types of digital marketing tactics we would be covering at the event:

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Pay-per-click

In 2017, there were more than 8 lacs jobs out there as Digital marketers. So, looking at the statistics, one can easily understand the demand of E-marketers in the job market. The demand for digital marketing professionals is surpassing supply. In traditional economics we all know what occurs next – the value increases with price. When you’re working in a productive industry with a large skill shortage you can think of yourself as a commodity – and negotiate your salary accordingly.


There are about 300 million people using the Internet in India. More than half, 62% of US consumers with Internet access shop online at least one is a month. More than 83% are satisfied overall with the online shopping experiences. Declining rates of the subscription prices and launch of 4G services have led people to shop for things online. Almost every business today is online and selling their products.

As e-commerce developers, this is the right time to cultivate the right skills to take advantage of this opportunity which is never going down. Our experts at Atlas Academy strongly believe that Magento is the best E-commerce platform to build an e-commerce website. The below are the points that we are going to cover at the event:

  • Importance of E-commerce
  • Introduction to Magento
  • Features of Magento
  • Overview of the admin panel

This does not end here; this session is followed by a non-technical session which would help you develop as a professional, to know how to create thoughtful relationships with your colleagues at office and importance of learning at each step of your life.  This session will help you groom yourself for your journey from a fresher to professional. It also has different fun games and activities. This session ends with a FAQ/feedback session to address your concerns.

It is an event that you must attend if you are an IT fresher as it is only going to benefit you in many ways.

Now that you know how this event is going to be helpful to you, do not wait, Register yourself for the event and see us at Ahmedabad Medical Association to dive into these topics.


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